Commercial Customers: Check Your Vents!

We’ve had record snowfalls in the Twin Cities and snow and ice mean more than just bad driving conditions. It’s the right time to be aware of your heating units, and to check your vents for obstructions. Commercial customers need to be vigilant to prevent a catastrophic furnace failure. You should consider the damage a … Read more

Office Temperature Affects Employee Productivity

We’ve all witnessed it, office spaces littered with sweaters, space heaters and personal fans. Large buildings can be difficult to heat and cool and, whatever the temperature setting, leave employers with rampant complaints from personnel. An employer’s first inclination might be to tell the staffer to, “Deal with it”, but the data shows a different … Read more

HVACR Contractors and Businesses Must Prioritize Chiller Maintenance


Central Chiller maintenance and service is our backbone at Owens Companies. It’s the core business our founder started 60 years ago. In recent months we have heard from our customers that our competition is telling people we are no longer in the chiller business and that we do not have “factory trained” technicians. There is … Read more

Understanding the “Feels Like” Temperature


The temperature on the thermostat doesn’t always match what our bodies perceive it to be. Meteorologists will talk about the “feels like” temperature, which is impacted by relative humidity, dew points, and wind. Certain factors impact the feels like temperature indoors, too. Of course, it is luckily much easier to control and adjust the indoors … Read more