How Preventive Maintenance Could Save You Money

Temperatures are falling, and the cost of heating your home is rising. From the October 28th edition of the Star Tribune, “CenterPoint Energy, Minnesota’s largest natural gas utility, proposed a rate increase Monday that would raise its average residential customer’s bill by 8.7%”. Preventive maintenance is often overlooked as a cost-saving resource for families, yet … Read more

How Yearly Boiler Inspection and Maintenance Can Save You Money

boiler maintenance

When your home is warm and cozy it can be hard to think about boiler inspection and maintenance. Just as you would have a car winterized to protect the engine from the plummeting temperatures, your home’s “engine” needs to be serviced too. When proper maintenance is done to your system, you can save energy and … Read more

How to Set Thermostat for Optimum Efficiency

smart thermostat

Thermostat settings are all about staying comfortable while maximizing energy efficiency. The first step is to properly set a programmable thermostat for your general lifestyle. Next, make a habit out of observing local weather forecasts and shutting off your AC whenever possible. Lastly, take advantage of small ways to stay comfortable while allowing the thermostat … Read more

Four Ways to Benefit from Building Automation

The variety of occupant demands on commercial buildings is unprecedented; and building systems must respond to meet the demands in remarkable ways. For example, schools must maintain a comfortable environment for learning by day and transform to host an array of community meetings and sporting events in various areas of the building by night. Tenants … Read more

What are the Benefits of Green Buildings?

green buildings

Most of us already know that “green buildings” are synonymous with environmental friendliness. That means they are less expensive to operate while also being better for our planet. How important that really is might be shocking. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) estimates that commercial buildings are themselves responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, … Read more