Energy Management

Maximize Efficiency by Maximizing Air Flow

Efficiency with your AC unit means you’re saving money and doing your part for the environment. The better air flows through your system, the more efficient it will be. These tips will help you maximize the efficiency of your current HVAC system during the warm summer months ahead. 1. Start …

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a woman walking in a hallway next to an ecobee thermostat

How to Adjust your Thermostat in the Winter for Maximum Efficiency

It is one of the simplest and wisest investments for any household, yet only 30% of households in America own a programmable thermostat. Of those that do, only a fraction of those that do use it properly! This is baffling considering this simple $25 device can save a household 15% …

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Wi-Fi Thermostats Perfect for Winter

We’ve written about the benefits of smart thermostats in past posts. In this post, we dive deeper into the ever-evolving world of Wi-Fi-thermostats. Winter brings even more reasons to go Wi-fi. The heating season is the most crucial time to be energy-conscious. Premium wi-fi thermostats automatically set your thermostat based on …

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March Madness

One of the most frustrating times of the year, March Madness. Nobodies brackets pan out, and people, even children get so upset when their team loses they cry. Do children bet money? Because I have no idea why they would care SO much! Well you know what makes me cry …

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