Green Expectations: How Millennials are Changing the HVAC Industry

a woman walking in a hallway next to an ecobee thermostat

Generational shift often leads to changing consumer needs, which Owens openly embraces. By standing at the forefront and intersection of innovation and customer-centered service, Owens ensures that their customer base is understood and their needs are met, both in model and in practice. Each generation attributes value differently. In fact, according to a recent Nielson … Read more

What are the Benefits of Green Buildings?

green buildings

Most of us already know that “green buildings” are synonymous with environmental friendliness. That means they are less expensive to operate while also being better for our planet. How important that really is might be shocking. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) estimates that commercial buildings are themselves responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, … Read more

What is LEED Certified?

leed certified

Short for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design, LEED is a building certification that is recognized worldwide and signifies sustainability (environmentally, socially, and economically responsible buildings). Big or small, commercial or residential, new or old; any building structure is eligible to be awarded LEED certification. The process to becoming certified has evolved over time to … Read more

Choose Owens as Your Commercial HVAC Contractor

Owens is the Twin Cities’ leading commercial mechanical contractor. For renovation, ongoing support, or emergency services — we offer comprehensive solutions to meet every need. You can count on us for: Design/Build Contracting Retrofit and Modernization Building Automation Controls Energy Management Preventive Maintenance We deliver results not excuses. Being a true single-source provider means we get … Read more

How Efficient is Your AC Unit?

Higher efficiency air conditioning units are better for the environment and will cut down your energy bill each month. For those reasons and more, every homeowner should understand how efficient their current AC unit is and be able to accurately compare it to the efficiency of models on the market today. Using the industry’s ‘SEER’ … Read more

Earth Day

The "blue marble" picture of Earth, as taken by the crew of Apollo 17

April 22, 1970, the first earth day. I was in 9th grade- I remember riding my bike about 20 miles to participate in all day festivities at the University of Minnesota. I wonder how we’re doing? Have we passed a strong enough message to our children? I often think there is too much distraction for … Read more