Commercial Customers: Check Your Vents!

We’ve had record snowfalls in the Twin Cities and snow and ice mean more than just bad driving conditions. It’s the right time to be aware of your heating units, and to check your vents for obstructions. Commercial customers need to be vigilant to prevent a catastrophic furnace failure. You should consider the damage a … Read more

Groundhogs Can’t Predict When Your System Will Fail


It is no surprise that the temperatures in our part of the country are making the national news. And while the Groundhog predicts that spring is around the corner, we KNOW we’re still in the middle of winter and that the arctic weather conditions will continue to take their toll on our homes and businesses. … Read more

What is “Red Tagging” and What Choices Do You Have as a Consumer?

red tagging

The following is derived from the document “Red-Tagging Tips for Consumers” created in tandem with the BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota and Owens Companies. Being told that operating your furnace is dangerous to your property and the health of those inside your home can be a frightening, high-pressure situation. This process, called ‘red-tagging,’ usually … Read more