Response to Star Tribune Article

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The Star Tribune recently posted an article “5 Ways to Save Some Cool Money in June” where they suggested to maintain your air conditioning unit by making appointments through your local Home Depot or Sears and suggested homeowners just “check refrigerant levels themselves”. We were shocked at such bad advice and we wanted to set … Read more

Double Check your Fan Direction this Summer!


Fan direction matters. The proper fan direction can make an especially noticeable difference on days with extreme temperatures. This can allow you to raise your thermostat setting, while still remaining comfortable and saving money on utility bills. Many homeowners think they have their fan set the right direction when they in fact do not. This … Read more

How to Set Thermostat for Optimum Efficiency

smart thermostat

Thermostat settings are all about staying comfortable while maximizing energy efficiency. The first step is to properly set a programmable thermostat for your general lifestyle. Next, make a habit out of observing local weather forecasts and shutting off your AC whenever possible. Lastly, take advantage of small ways to stay comfortable while allowing the thermostat … Read more

Understanding the “Feels Like” Temperature


The temperature on the thermostat doesn’t always match what our bodies perceive it to be. Meteorologists will talk about the “feels like” temperature, which is impacted by relative humidity, dew points, and wind. Certain factors impact the feels like temperature indoors, too. Of course, it is luckily much easier to control and adjust the indoors … Read more