Carbon Monoxide: What to Know and What to Do

You may know that Carbon Monoxide (CO) is dangerous, but do you know the specific risks associated with CO and the key differences between CO and natural gas? Understanding Carbon Monoxide and natural gas leaks is essential to your health and safety, and can save your life. Natural Gas and CO Differences At Owens, we’ve … Read more

What Causes a Gas Explosion in a Home?

Gas explosions in a home aren’t common, but when they do occur the consequences are devastating. They are often deadly and almost always result in a total loss of the property. You can find peace of mind by taking a few simple precautions. Gas explosions in a home are the result of a mechanical failure … Read more

3 Common Causes of House Fires

Winter is infamous for house fires.  It is almost as if every time you turn on the news there is a report of someone losing their home and everything in it. Sadly, the vast majority of the 3,000 deaths and $7B in damages last year were preventable (Source: NFPA). Make sure your family is knowledgeable … Read more

Is there snow or ice on your gas meter?

Coldest winter in 35 years.  This winter, there has been snow on the the ground in 49 of 50 states. Only Florida escaped! More snow than we’ve had in years. Most school closings EVER. Pot holes that will only get bigger and deeper….Should I go on? Ice dams, flooding, and expect summer to have a … Read more

Carbon Monoxide Detection— Message from John Owens

Hearing about  illnesses and even worse due to carbon monoxide poisoning is just heartbreaking. It is the silent killer. What many homeowners may not know, is that carbon monoxide detectors are now required in all residential homes. While this message was already posted, we wanted to share it again. This is SUCH a preventable problem. … Read more

Checking your Smoke Alarms monthly

As a former firefighter, you would think in my own house I would have several working smoke alarms…wrong! So I did some research to share with you, and yes, I put new batteries an all of ours. Why should I have a working smoke alarm? A properly installed and maintained smoke alarm is the only … Read more

Carbon Monoxide

As the heating season begins, we once again hear of injury and even death from Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning. CO monitors are required by State Statute, yet there is no requirement for the level of CO that must be detected. The standard CO monitor purchased from a hardware store will not alarm until 77ppm. This … Read more