Response to Star Tribune Article

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The Star Tribune recently posted an article “5 Ways to Save Some Cool Money in June” where they suggested to maintain your air conditioning unit by making appointments through your local Home Depot or Sears and suggested homeowners just “check refrigerant levels themselves”. We were shocked at such bad advice and we wanted to set … Read more

Setting your Thermostat to your Priorities… Cost vs. Comfort

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Staying comfortable in your home while remaining energy efficient is one of the quintessential offerings of this blog. Oftentimes, cost savings and environmental friendliness are key motivators. Comfort, on the other hand, is something the average homeowner is not willing to sacrifice. This post quantifies the cost to cool a residential home, making it easy … Read more

What’s so Smart about a Smart Thermostat?

smart thermostat

Smart thermostats were considered a luxury five years ago. Now, technological advances are increasing energy efficiency (and thus cost savings) so significantly that there is an argument smart thermostats should be in every residential home. ecobee is Owens’ smart thermostat brand of choice. The ecobee3 is a user friendly and affordable way to save money … Read more

Do I Need a Mid-Summer AC Tune-up?

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We’ve preached preventive and regular maintenance on this blog from the beginning. Simply put, it is well worth the small investment of a tune-up in order to avoid large operating costs and big, unexpected repair costs later. It is always a good idea to have a maintenance inspection performed before the cooling season, but what … Read more

What are the Benefits of Green Buildings?

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Most of us already know that “green buildings” are synonymous with environmental friendliness. That means they are less expensive to operate while also being better for our planet. How important that really is might be shocking. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) estimates that commercial buildings are themselves responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, … Read more

How to Keep Cool without Turning on the A/C?


April and May are two of the easiest months to stay comfortable without turning on the air conditioning. Options to keep cool abound, even on warmer days. Lower energy bills and environmental friendliness will be among the rewards for your efforts. Implement these easy tips so you can live comfortably and cost-effectively this spring without … Read more

How Efficient is Your AC Unit?

Higher efficiency air conditioning units are better for the environment and will cut down your energy bill each month. For those reasons and more, every homeowner should understand how efficient their current AC unit is and be able to accurately compare it to the efficiency of models on the market today. Using the industry’s ‘SEER’ … Read more