Commercial Customers: Check Your Vents!

We’ve had record snowfalls in the Twin Cities and snow and ice mean more than just bad driving conditions. It’s the right time to be aware of your heating units, and to check your vents for obstructions. Commercial customers need to be vigilant to prevent a catastrophic furnace failure. You should consider the damage a … Read more

How Yearly Boiler Inspection and Maintenance Can Save You Money

boiler maintenance

When your home is warm and cozy it can be hard to think about boiler inspection and maintenance. Just as you would have a car winterized to protect the engine from the plummeting temperatures, your home’s “engine” needs to be serviced too. When proper maintenance is done to your system, you can save energy and … Read more

How to be Ready for the "Storm of the Century"

A powerful blizzard of ice, sleet, and up to 20 inches of snow recently blasted the east coast from Georgia to Massachusetts. 60 million Americans were affected. Hundreds of thousands were left without power. Tragically, at least 30 deaths have been attributed to the winter storm. This left the rest of the nation wondering just … Read more

How to Adjust your Thermostat in the Winter for Maximum Efficiency

a woman walking in a hallway next to an ecobee thermostat

It is one of the simplest and wisest investments for any household, yet only 30% of households in America own a programmable thermostat. Of those that do, only a fraction of those that do use it properly! This is baffling considering this simple $25 device can save a household 15% on their annual heating bill … Read more