What is the Best Temperature Setting while I’m on Vacation?

There is a lot that needs to happen before going on a relaxing summer vacation. Checklist items likely include packing, suspending the mail, and shutting & locking windows, to name a few. Many include shutting off the HVAC on this list, but this can come with significant consequences! Read on to learn why and at what temperature you should keep your air conditioner on while you’re away.

You’re gone, you’re windows are locked tight, and it is hot and humid outside. This is a recipe for disaster. The humidity and heat that develop inside could significantly damage wood floors, furniture, and can even cause the framework in your walls to buckle and crack.  It can also damage sheetrock by allowing mold and mildew to grow.

A consistent 80-85 degrees is a good setting to allow your AC to fully dehumidify and keep things safe inside while you’re away. Surprisingly, this approach is relatively energy efficient, too. It will likely use less energy over the course of a week-long vacation than it would to cool a house from triple digits down to a comfortable temperature.

The right thermostat setting isn’t all you should do to help the situation. Keeping curtains and blinds closed will block direct sunlight from increasing the temperature of your home.

Following this simple protocol is an easy way to effectively and efficiently protect your home and your utility bill while enjoying a summer vacation!