Thermostat Settings for the Late-Fall Weather

Each fall, Minnesotans have an unspoken contest to see how long they can last without turning on their furnace. We don’t want to give in to thoughts about the cold that inevitably ensues. Yet at some point, reality hits, and we must give in. That’s when these helpful tips on late fall thermostat settings that come in handy:

  • Set the “Wake” temperature at 68º for 20-30 minutes before you normally get up in the morning.
  • Set the “Leave” temperature at 54º for 15 minutes before the last person in your household typically leaves the home.
  • Set the “Return” temperature back to 68º for 20-30 minutes before you normally get home in the afternoon.
  • Set the “Sleep” temperature to 60º for around the time you usually go to sleep at night.

*Not all thermostats have the same schedule labels. ‘Wake, Leave, Return, Sleep’ are common settings, but may differ slightly from the equivalent settings on your programmable thermostat.

For the next few days, try dialing back each setting by 1º until you find the lowest setting at which you can remain comfortable. You’ll save as much as 1% on your energy bill for each degree and each eight-hour interval that your thermostat is at a lower setting. Additionally, consider opening a few blinds on south or west-facing windows while you’re away to allow natural sunlight to heat your home. Doing so will allow your furnace to do less of the work.

With these tips, it’s easy to achieve up to 15% off your heating bill this winter!