Thinking About Installing Central Air? First Know What’s Involved.

A central AC system is more and more the norm in today’s homes. It offers quiet and efficient cooling of your entire house and is easily controlled at the thermostat. If you don’t have it you’ve undoubtedly considered adding it. Perhaps you’ve been scared away or overwhelmed at what you think it will cost, or the problems that will arise during installation. Not so fast. With Owens, installing central air might be easier and more affordable than you think.

Any home without ductwork can have it added in. During the consultation process, our experienced professionals will clearly communicate the course of action ahead. We’ll show you just how we can hide ductwork behind walls, in closets, through the attic, etc. We do a heat-gain calculation to determine where vents are needed and what size and type of unit you’ll need to maximize efficiency.

The job is even easier if you already have a forced-air heating system. We’ll inspect the existing ductwork to ensure they will accommodate a higher volume of air-flow required for AC. More times than not — no changes will be required. From there we’ll explain how the AC unit connects to the existing heating system.

Our customers who’ve added central air often tell us the process was less expensive and less intrusive than they ever imagined. On a typical home, a team of two techs can often complete the project in 2-5 days and with minimal disruption and mess within your household. Perhaps you’ve considered central air for years. The process truly is simpler than you likely imagined. Contact us today and let’s begin the conversation about how to get the ease and comfort of central air delivered to your home.

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