Three Reasons to Convert from Oil to Gas

There are many reasons to consider converting your oil burning furnace or boiler to natural gas. Here are three reasons why you should make the switch before the unforgiving Minnesota winter takes hold.

Save money with natural gas

At the current rate, your cost savings for converting to natural gas alone could pay for your new system in five years or less. Natural gas allows you to pay for your home energy use in monthly chunks, vs. paying for the whole winter season all at once. Because natural gas heats more efficiently than oil, you will save between 40-50% on energy costs every year. That just makes good financial sense.

Improve your home value

Homes heated with natural gas are more valuable than homes heated with oil. If you are thinking about selling your home within the next seven years, a new furnace is an investment worth making to improve the overall value of your home. Potential home-buyers will find comfort in knowing their home-comfort system is top notch and newly upgraded.

Help the planet

Many of us are becoming more concerned about human impact on the planet. With clean burning natural gas, your home will run more efficiently and the impact on the environment will be greatly reduced. Use less energy and help the planet- convert from oil to gas.

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