Three Tips to help you keep your Heater Happy and Working Efficiently

  1. Schedule a maintenance call before the snow falls! As soon as the air conditioning season ends, contact a service technician to give your furnace or boiler a check up. Maintenance service can clean dirty components, tighten loose fittings and replace any worn out parts with new ones. If there is anything more serious that needs to be done, your technician can identify it, give you a cost estimate, and schedule a repair well before the temperatures drop!
  2. Consider energy-savings upgrades. Your existing system may work fine, but a few tweaks and additions will save you money without skimping on the heat. Think about a smart thermostat, which lets you program the heat from wherever you are, whenever you want. This way you can turn the heat down while you’re at work, and raise it just before you leave for home!
  3. Look for warning signs. Repairs often show up with small warning signs, such as your bills creeping up for no apparent reason, or the air coming out of your vents colder than you expect. Be proactive by having your system checked out now! Don’t get caught in the ‘long line’ of people who procrastinate, and wait until it’s already freezing!

For more help on how to be ready for the colder weather and keep your heater happy and your heat running efficiently, call us at 952-854-3800 and schedule your winter check up!