Too early to plant your Garden?

I hear, to be safe, in Minnesota we are suppose to wait until the 15th of May until we can seriously PLANT our gardens. Some people say wait until Memorial Day to be safe. Well, I cannot wait!  After this past winter, I need flowers, fresh vegetables, and beautiful scents smiling back at me!

A good friend of mine owns a landscaping company, Heidi’s Lifestyle Gardens, so I just call her. She said the ground has to be at least 50 degrees. She gave me permission to have at it! We can always cover those more fragile plants with sheets if it decides to be cold again!

For those of you who like to do a little more research, and want more information, here is a pretty helpful site;

So how does this work into Heating/Air conditioning/Home Comfort? In our house, since I am in charge…..As soon as it gets to be about 58 degrees outside, I turn our thermostat off.  Actually, on May Day, I’m over winter, over my furnace, and I just push through it! I think it makes summer come faster! Of course my family complains, but they can wear sweatshirts! It’s what I do to try and save money, save energy and help the environment, and just as important, save my sanity.

My goal for this summer is to find more ways we can help you save on energy, reduce the cost of cooling your homes, and any other tips that I can find to help with home comfort.

So Happy Gardening!