Top 6 Ways to Lower Your Energy Costs This Winter

Winter is upon us and heating costs are on the rise. Be smart about energy consumption this winter and save yourself some money. Follow these six simple home energy saving tips.

Lower the temperature, just a little

Lower your temperature to 68 degrees. For every degree you lower your heat in the 60-degree to 70-degree range, you’ll save up to 5 percent on heating costs.

Tune up your furnace

Have a furnace tune up. Keeping your furnace clean, lubricated and properly adjusted will reduce energy use, saving up to 5 percent of heating costs.

Modernize your heating system

Use more efficient heating sources like natural gas. Wood burning fireplaces and oil burning furnaces use a lot more energy than natural gas. Upgrading your furnace at the start of the cooler months will help you save money and time refueling during the brutal winter months.

Replace your air filters

Dirty air filters reduce airflow and increase energy costs. Most air filters need to be replaced every three months; however, customers with pets may need to replace them more often because of pet hair.

Cut out the fireplace

The flames may be a nice touch to your holiday atmosphere, but the fireplace is an incredibly inefficient method of heating a home. An open/unsealed fireplace damper can raise overall energy consumption by up to 30 percent as heat escapes back out the chimney. Close the damper when your fireplace is not in use or, if you decide to nix it altogether this winter, block off the chimney to cut down on additional heat loss.

Wise up with a smart thermostat

Install a smart thermostat like the ecobee3. A smart thermostat operates off of WiFi and adjusts to the outside temperature to keep the inside cozy. You can also adjust your “home hours” with a smart thermostat – allowing for a cooler home during the day and warming up right before you get home. Program your thermostat directly from an app on your phone to adjust on the fly.

These are just a few ways to save yourself on heating costs this winter. Need help making your home more energy efficient? Call the pros at Owens Companies today. We will help you save money and get all of the rebates you deserve.

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