What is a Ductless Mini-Split?

A ductless mini-split is an alternative “add-on” heating and cooling system that can be the smart choice in a variety of situations. They are mainly installed to improve heating in rooms where “non-ducted” systems like radiant panel, hydronic (hot water heat), or space heaters aren’t achieving satisfactory efficiency or performance. They are also often implemented for room additions where adding ductwork isn’t feasible or economical.

The notable advantages of a ductless mini-split are their flexibility and small size. Mini-split systems are made up of outdoor and indoor components. Depending on the model, a mini-split system allows you to zone up to four rooms by connecting indoor components to a single outdoor component. They are relatively easy to install and require only a 3″ hole to run conduit with power, a drain line, and refrigerant tubing. They also do not pose the security threat that a window unit AC system does.

Disadvantages are few and relatively easy to overcome. Mini-split systems are somewhat costly to install. However, they are less costly to operate on an ongoing basis which helps offset the upfront cost. They oftentimes will also carry installation rebates and financial incentives from the government or your local utility company. Make sure to check what your area offers before making the final decision to purchase. Somewhat subjective, yet worth noting, is that some homeowners don’t like the appearance of the indoor unit.

Overall, a ductless mini-split can be a great solution to achieve proper heating and cooling in the right situation. Contact and Owens contractor today to help you decide!