What it Means to be AAA+ Rated

In changing times, integrity has become more of a buzzword than a foundational value for many, especially in business. It’s one thing to use it in a company slogan or mission statement; it’s quite another to build a company from the ground up with a commitment to customer satisfaction at the absolute core of everything you do, like Owens Companies has.

Integrity has always been foundational to what we do, and is as important to us now as it was sixty years ago. Which is why we’re proud of our decades-long AAA+ Better Business Bureau rating, and know that our absolute commitment to the customer—from top to bottom—is why we earned it.

Core Values

It was my father that set the tone and culture of Owens Companies. He strived daily to bring professionalism to an industry that was sorely lacking. Bob Owens was a visionary, and a trailblazer. He created not just something from nothing, but something to admire and emulate. He was constantly challenging the status quo and those around him to be the best, to never give up trying to improve and always with the customer in mind. His writings and missives were numerous and profound for a guy from a small northern Minnesota town. His humble beginnings connected him with his community, and afforded him with wisdom far beyond his years. He had deeply held values and beliefs that he, nor the company ever waivered from. These Values have made Owens Companies what it is today. These principles have earned us respect, loyal customers and a nationally revered reputation, of which we are deeply grateful for.

What’s struck me, as I’ve read through my father’s materials, is how closely they align with the Better Business Bureau’s AAA+ standards, and how often they exceed them.

What it takes to earn that rating

To earn an AAA+ rating, you must prove that you are able to build trust in the marketplace. You must be reliable to your customers. You must advertise honestly, and safeguard the privacy of your client base. You must be responsive, honor promises, and be transparent in your work—and you must above all else, embody integrity. Bob Owens did that. My Father led by example. Owens Companies is the embodiment of integrity because of his vision and drive. Our commitment to that legacy is what has made us the company that we are today.

Forward Thinking Philosophy

Bob Owens was a bit of a philosopher, and that along with his vision helped grow the business. He was always thinking ahead. The following quote from “the desk of Bob Owens” from the mid-70’s encapsulates his philosophy in its purest form. He writes, “Accomplishment: we expect to measure our performance continually by our accomplishments. For our customers, in providing measurable benefits through quality performance; in always looking for ways to provide “added value”, it is fully intended that this philosophy becomes part of [our] daily life, and business direction. In this way, we will achieve our goals.”

That is what accomplishment meant to Bob Owens: to provide more than was expected, to exceed the requirements, to push harder, and to be better. It’s what it means for Owens Companies now. We’re proud of our AAA+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and prouder still that the core values of Owens Companies not only created a self-made success story, but provided a legacy in which we all strive to uphold and honor to this day. We endeavor to continuously set the bar higher, and will never stop looking for ways to bring “added value” to our customers, our lives, and our communities.

And as always, if you need us, we’re here to help.