What’s so Smart about a Smart Thermostat?

Ecobee 75Smart thermostats were considered a luxury five years ago. Now, technological advances are increasing energy efficiency (and thus cost savings) so significantly that there is an argument smart thermostats should be in every residential home. ecobee is Owens’ smart thermostat brand of choice. The ecobee3 is a user friendly and affordable way to save money while living in comfort. We’ll use it as the example when explaining what’s so smart about smart thermostats, and why you should consider buying one for your home.

Ultimate Efficiency

What matters most are the rooms your family occupies. The ecobee thermostat learns where this is in your home automatically through the use of wireless sensors. Using Wi-Fi to consider outdoor air temperature, the device then configures and balances all data to find the ideal comfort setting for occupied rooms while minimizing the use of heating or cooling equipment.

Our lives don’t keep the same schedule each week, so why should your thermostat? ecobee thermostats recognize when you are home during ‘Away hours’ and adjust accordingly. Similarly, if you are away during ‘Home hours’ the unit will pick up on this and not heat or cool the home unnecessarily.

Unprecedented Ease of Use 

Once installed, these devices virtually run themselves. The ecobee3 actually has less buttons and settings to configure, since the features mentioned above are all automated. User friendly remote and web-based applications are included to make operations even simpler. Additionally, the device is compatible with the Apple HomeKit.

Smart thermostats, and specifically the ecobee3, are as practical as new technology gets. They are easy to use and will save you money on energy bills. In fact, it is not unusual to save more than 20% on heating and cooling bills. This typically translates to just a 2-3 year payback on the device! Owens can help you outfit your home with any smart thermostat. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy how easy, affordable, and comfortable living with a smart thermostat can be.