Why Is my Furnace Not Kicking On?

One of winter’s worst feelings… you are freezing in your own home and your furnace isn’t kicking on. Immediate action is important, yet there are a couple things you will want to do before calling us that just might save you the service call. In fact, roughly a quarter of all service calls we get can be avoided by these easy fixes.

Check the thermostat¬†– Make sure the thermostat is set to “Heat” and that the setting is for a higher temperature than the current reading. Listen for a click.

Check switches, breakers, gas lines – Every furnace has a shut-off switch. It’s possible you or someone in your family accidentally bumped it to “Off.” Check the switch and check to make sure the circuit breaker to the furnace isn’t blown. Similarly, make sure the valve from the gas line didn’t mysteriously become closed.

Change the filter РIf a filter is severely clogged it may not even allow the furnace to engage and kick on.

Ensure drain lines are clear – Lots of water is draining from your furnace in the peak of winter. When the drain lines are clogged your furnace will not operate. If the drain lines appear clogged, use a solution of 25% bleach and 75% water to flush the line.

Taking 5-10 minutes to check these common problems is well-worth the time, and virtually any homeowner can do them. If the problem persists, then give us a call anytime. We have around-the-clock emergency repair and will be over to restore the warmth in no time!