Keeping your Home Comfortable in the Dead of Winter

Maintaining a comfortable living space is part of what makes a house a home. Yet simply cranking up the dial in the dead of winter isn’t the answer. Keep these 5 simple tips in mind and your home can stay energy efficient while still remaining a cozy retreat from the harsh winter weather.

(1) Adjust you before adjusting the thermostat. Put on a sweater or get under a blanket rather than dialing up the thermostat. Every degree translates into cost savings on your heating bill.

(2) Get in tune with your homes humidity. A relative humidity of 35-45% is the sweet spot to raise the perceived or ‘feels like’ temperature in your home while avoiding condensation on windows. Some newer systems have a built in humidifier. If not, a stand-alone system is a worthwhile investment and should last for years.

(3) Keep up with your filters. Having clean filters improves air-quality and heating efficiency. It’s not dislike getting an oil-change on your car. You don’t like paying the $25 but it will cost you more in the long run if you don’t!

(4) Plastic wrapping windows is cheaper than replacing them. As an interim solution for old single-pane windows, plastic wrapping your current ones can reduce heat loss by up to 50%.

(5) Use sunlight to your advantage. Winter days without cloud-cover can be the most numbingly cold. Put less of the responsibility on your furnace by opening the shades and letting in the natural heat!