How Yearly Boiler Inspection and Maintenance Can Save You Money

When your home is warm and cozy it can be hard to understand why you would need to have your boiler serviced. Just as you would have a car winterized to protect the engine from the plummeting temperatures, your home’s “engine” needs to be serviced too. When proper maintenance is done to your system, you can save energy and therefore money all year long. Here’s why.

Hard Water Deposits
Scale deposits don’t just effect the pipes in your bathroom, they can reduce the effectiveness of your boiler by as much as 10%. Our trained experts can test the combustion performance to determine if the boiler is in range and clean out deposits if necessary. This will help keep your home warm even when your system is pushed to Minnesota winter limits.

Safety is Paramount
Is your gas boiler producing yellow flames? Is there black soot around your oil burning boiler? This is a sign that the fuel is not burning properly and should be repaired immediately. Our technicians will test your boiler for proper ventilation, make sure sensors and shut-off valves are properly functioning, search for cracks and potential leaks as well as clean and replace any parts as needed to maintain proper air flow. Before leaving, our technicians will check the carbon dioxide levels for an added level of safety.

Optimize Energy Savings

While on site, our technicians can offer you suggestions for saving even more energy. While these suggestions may not be required to maintain a safe boiler, they can save you tons of money – up to 20% on your home heating costs. At Owens, we will never sell you a part you don’t need or repair something that isn’t broken. We will offer your our expert opinion and provide you with all the information you need to keep your house comfortable and running efficiently.

Call us today to schedule your yearly boiler checkup and ensure your home is running at optimal performance.